Do you take custom and personalised orders?

Yes. Feel free to message me about custom orders, I am more than happy to adapt an item. Depending on what is asked (additional items such as gloves to match a neck corset) for there will be an extra charge for this. You can also customise your items by going to the customisations page. Here you can add things such as zips and spikes to corsets and harnesses.

I've no idea what size I need, can you help?

Of course! Sizing details can be found both in the listings and on my size guide page but if you are still unsure please contact me and I will guide you.

Do you use discreet packaging?

Yes I do. No-one will know where you have shopped at as plain packaging is used. Unfortunately if you are ordering from outside the UK your package will need a customs form to declare what is inside your package. Your packaging is also recyclable.